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In 2011, I walked into a lunch meeting, and it turned into a career opportunity.  It has led me to planning and executing 500+ weddings and allowed me to learn the ins and outs of running a business, executing weddings and events, and gave me the chance to be mentored by local community leaders. 


In 2018, an email and a DM turned into a life changing opportunity. I made the leap to Minnesota Bride, and never looked back.


November 2021, Iron Diamond Media  is launched, and a new chapter is starting for these beautiful wedding brands.  We will maintain our brand’s legacy and mission with high-end bridal fashion and style shoots, editorial content that focuses on trends, offers inspiration, and helps guide and educate our readers and followers.  We’ll continue to share stories of real newlyweds and their experience, and we'll continue to connect the dots between our engaged couples and top-tier wedding vendors.


Nothing warms my heart more than seeing wedding dreams become a reality, with the help from our clients! We want to help make a special time the absolute best. The added bonus, is that we are able to share it with our readers and followers!

- Sonja Babich

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Sonja Babich

Owner & Chief Executive Officer

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